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It's that time of year again where we vote on 3 new board directors.
Say YES to the following candidates for the POA Board of Directors.

Joy Sawyer
Sandy Fosdick
John Goodman, Jr.

The upcoming dates are as follows:

Meet the Candidates Night - March 17, 2020. Riordan Hall, 6:00 pm.

Election begins - April 13, 2020. Ballots will be mailed out on this date. Vote online or mail in your completed ballot.

Annual Meeting/Election Closes - May 19, 2020 at Riordan Hall 6:00pm

Bella Vista does not have a revenue problem. We have, instead, a spending problem, exemplified by the incredible $273K salary of COO Tom Judson and other top management salaries and bonuses totaling over $1.3 million.

It's time to reel in our out-of-control POA management.  It's time for transparency, honesty and fiscal responsibility.
Joy Sawyer, Sandy Fosdick, John Goodman, Jr.
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Results of Spring 2019 board of directors election - due to the tireless work of our membership, all 3 of our supported candidates won a seat on the board.
Teah Bidwell - YES
Steve McKee - YES
Jerre Barron JR - YES

Bruce Portillo - incumbent - NO
Pat Laury - incumbent - NO
John Nuttall - previously served - NO

JustVoteNo.net is a coalition of property owners who are working to regain membership control of Bella Vista from directors who are being led by outside money and influences.
Just Say NO!